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Costa Rica Fact Sheet June 2022


FO Upala-Costa Rica

The North of Costa Rica borders Nicaragua across 309 kilometers, there are two official border points:
Peñas Blancas to the West, and Tablillas to the East. UNHCR has identified over 20 irregular entry points both in maritime and terrestrial areas. Asylum seekers and refugees live in approximately 150 communities along the border organized in 5 cantons: Upala, La Cruz, Los Chiles, Guatuso, San Carlos. Currently, UNHCR and implementing partners have presence in all of these cantons. Since 2018, UNHCR consolidated its presence on the northern border of Costa Rica with a field office in Upala.

From January to April this year, 44,950 new appointments for asylum have been registered. The majority are Nicaraguans in need of international protection.

According to UNHCR’S registration system (proGres V4.0) as of June 10, 2022, the organization has registered and/or assisted 9,009 persons of concern in the north of Costa Rica.