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Central America and Mexico Appeal No. MAA43001 Programme Update No. 1

Situation Report
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This report covers the period 01/January/2009 30/June/2009.

In brief

Programme purpose: Support the seven National Societies in the Central America and Mexico region, ensuring closer work with the National Societies, to effectively implement the Inter-American Plan 2007-2011.

Programme(s) summary: During this reporting period, the regional Disaster Risk Reduction programme has seen the implementation and updating of the Well Prepared National Society diagnosis, having now a total of six National Societies with current diagnostics, as well as an updated regional diagnostic. The two Centres of Reference have expanded their scope of action- both geographically as well as in the services they provide-increasing their role as facilitators of training for National Societies' staff, having trained 118 staff in the Americas for this period. Risk reduction and food security initiatives have been implemented within emergency response operations during the rehabilitation and recovery phase, with an aim to address the food security issues facing the region and to build capacities both at the community and Red Cross levels.

The Health and Care programme has focused on the implementation of the Global Alliance on HIV in El Salvador, Honduras and Guatemala. The programme in Central America has not had a Health and Care focal point for most of the first six months of the year, and has had important support from the Principles and Values regional officer and the Zone Health and Care coordinator. The Organizational Development and Capacity-Building programme has given particular attention to the restoration of integrity and governance of the Nicaragua Red Cross and to the reactivation of the regional Youth Network. This network has begun a new cycle where there is a dedicated focal point in each National Society and regular meetings are held. The network has also started working together with other programmes, as in the case of Risk Reduction, with whom they are to participate in community micro-projects. The aim is to increase the presence and participation of the Youth sector in all areas of Red Cross actions in the region.

The regional Principles and Values programme has made progress during this period in supporting the incorporation of the Humanitarian Principles and Values (HPV) into the Honduras Red Cross' Strategy for the Prevention of Violence. Support has also been provided to the National Societies in the region for the review of the Federation's policies on Prevention of Violence and Migration.

Financial situation: The total 2009 budget is CHF 3,045,151 (USD 3,009,072 or EUR 2,018,327), of which CHF 2,547,018 (84 per cent) covered during the reporting period (including opening balance). Overall expenditure during the reporting period was CHF 974,537 (32 per cent) of the budget.