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Long Term Planning Framework: Pacific Secretariat Team 2012-2015

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  1. Who are we?

Introduction Humanity faces growing challenges: a rising population, a warming planet, and increasing inequalities of health, well-being and security between the rich and poor. The International Federation of Red Cross Red Crescent Societies’ (IFRC) global Strategy 2020 provides direction for its work in the face of these challenges. It also clarifies the Secretariat’s priorities in providing membership services to national societies.

With these wider planning and structural frameworks in place, the Pacific Regional Office Team has defined a clearer and more coherent strategy specifically for IFRC support to national societies in the Pacific.

Since this strategic thinking process was initiated in September 2009 we have been listening carefully to the views of our Pacific members and other Movement and external partners. We have also analyzed the humanitarian and development needs and capacities in the region from a number of different perspectives. This has given us a comprehensive picture of the challenges, approaches and priorities required to improve our support. We now want to put this learning to work – through this strategy, and through the programmes that flow from it.

Our thinking and planning is aligned with the Asia/Pacific zonal plan and Strategy 2020. This ensures that the support we offer the members in the Pacific is harmonized with the organization’s overall direction.

While aiming to set a coherent and consistent direction, this strategy is intended to be a living document and a dynamic piece of work that can be continually informed by member and partner contributions and by ongoing practice and learning.