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UNICEF Congo Humanitarian Situation Report - 31 Decmber 2018

Situation Report
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  • 37,108 children under five immunized against measles in Pool and Bouenza departments with UNICEF support.

  • Since 16 December 2018, Plateaux Department, is receiving thousands of asylum seekers from the neighboring Province of Mai-Ndombe in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC).

  • As of 31 December, UNICEF HAC isfunded at 31%. An additional US$ 5,35million is required for UNICEF to meet the needs of vulnerable children and women, especially in the Education, Wash and Child Protection sectors


127,250 # of children in need of humanitarian assistance
254,500 # of people in need
134,000 # of people to be reached
67,120 # of children to be reached
UNICEF Appeal 2018 US$ 7.7million

Situation Overview & Humanitarian Needs

  • Following the deadly clashes between the Banunu and the Batende tribes in the neighboring Province of Mai-Ndombe in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), in December 2018, 11,000 asylum seekers arrived to the Plateaux department. Several multi agency needs assessments are being conducted, UNICEF is mobilizing Wash, Nutrition and Health prepositioned emergency supplies in the area, and a 6-months response plan is being drafted by the humanitarian country team, in coordination with the Ministry of Social Affairs.

  • In the Pool Department, the access to schools has significantly improved in the last quarter of 2018. From 130 schools closed during the armed conflict, only 12 were reopened in September 2018 and 67 reopened between October and December 2018.