Republic of Congo, McGovern-Dole Funded School Feeding Programme 2018-2022: mid-term evaluation

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  1. This Terms of Reference (ToR) is for the mid-term evaluation1 of the World Food Programme (WFP) school meals programme funded by McGovern-Dole (MGD) Food for Education and Child Nutrition Program in Republic of Congo. The United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) has awarded WFP Congo a total of US$30 million to be implemented from 2018 to 2022. The Program aims to support education, child development and food security through school feeding and related activities. The program provides WFP with agricultural commodities produced by the USA and financial assistance for the implementation of school feeding as well as capacity development of the government and enhanced monitoring and reporting by WFP and partners. It will reach 54,000 schoolchildren (27,270 boys and 26,730 girls) with school meals and other beneficiaries through other activities as outlined in section 3.2 of this ToR. Sustainability is an important consideration, and WFP Congo will work to support government and community ownership.

  2. This ToR was prepared by the WFP Congo Country Office with support from the WFP Regional Bureau (RB), based on an initial document review, consultation with stakeholders and following a standard template. The purpose of the ToR is threefold. First it outlines how WFP will actualise the evaluation plan as approved by USDA over the course of the five-year program; secondly, it provides key information to stakeholders about the proposed evaluation; and thirdly, it provides key information to the evaluation team and helps guide them throughout the evaluation process.

  3. This ToR is informed by the WFP evaluation policy and USDA’s Monitoring and Evaluation policy. The evaluation is expected to follow and meet the requirements outlined in these policies as appropriate.