How to prevent waterborne diseases in the Republic of Congo

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The Republic of Congo is facing the spread of COVID 19, Ebola and other waterborne diseases along the river corridor (Oubangui and Congo River). In such a vast territory, with isolated populations, prevention is an essential tool against the disease.

Since December 2020, ACTED has been working to limit the advance of the pandemic and other diseases through prevention sessions which inform on the actions to adopt. They are complemented by various distributions to improve access to protection and prevention against contagious diseases or to ensure access to water, sanitation and hygiene. The Covid-19 pandemic coupled with the spread of the Ebola virus and water-borne diseases near waterways have led to the contamination of many households. In some districts, the fair markets where the population moves regularly are particularly affected.

From the north to the south of the Republic of Congo, the departments of Likouala, Plateaux, Cuvette and Pool have faced this massive spread of disease. Upon its arrival in the region, ACTED coordinated its action with the local authorities in order to intervene efficiently with the population.

Disseminating information to fight against covid-19 and waterborne diseases

Prevention of affected or at risk populations is essential. ACTED distributes different types of kits. Kits to ensure access to water, sanitation and hygiene and protection kits. These kits, mainly composed of buckets, hand washing stations, soap and masks, are distributed in eight localities of the project's target departments.

ACTED has identified the most vulnerable households as well as the most frequented public places such as schools, churches, health centres, markets and other gathering areas. The distributions are followed by prevention sessions to ensure proper use of the kits. These sessions are also the ideal time to reinforce knowledge about the diseases and their symptoms, as well as the application of the right gestures to protect oneself.