Disease outbreak reported: Suspected acute haemorrhagic fever syndrome in the Republic of the Congo - Update 3

Situation Report
Originally published
As of 13 February, a total of 61 suspected cases and 50 deaths of acute haemorrhagic fever syndrome has been reported in the districts of Mbomo and Kellé in Cuvette Ouest Region ( see previous report).
WHO and other international partners are assisting the National Coordination Committee in containing the outbreak. Experts in case management and social mobilization from the Global Outbreak Alert and Response Network will be joining the team from the Congolese Ministry of Health and WHO in Mbomo and Kelle districts. The case management experts will train health care workers in the identification and safe care of patients and the social mobilization staff will work with the local communities to inform them about the disease and its transmission.

WHO has sent additional protective equipment to the country.