Congo Calls For International Aid

BRAZZAVILLE, Congo (PANA) - The Congolese government has called for international aid following floods in Brazzaville and other regions in the north of the country.
"The council of ministers deplores the indifference of the international community in the face of this natural disaster and calls, once again, on the international community to help the disaster-stricken populations," information Minister Francois Ibovi said Friday in Brazzaville.

More than 150 families, about 1,300 people, are homeless in north Brazzaville. Four sites have been opened to host the victims who need food and drugs.

The government has taken a series of measures to prevent epidemics. It has initiated an information, education and communication campaign to popularise basic hygiene.

Health authorities have decided to distribute drugs and beef up epidemiological monitoring in the areas affected by the floods.

The National Water Company has been instructed to raise the chlorine content and suspend its activities in the areas where pipes have burst.

The situation was described as "most worrying" in northern Congo where the floods have destroyed roads and crops, and left more than 20,000 people helpless.

Relief aid and immediate restoration works on the damaged infrastructure are estimated at three billion CFA francs by the by public authorities.

The floods, which also hit Kinshasa, on the other side of the four km-wide Congo river in the Democratic Republic of Congo, followed more than two weeks of torrential rains which have been swelling the river.

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