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Southern and Eastern Africa COVID-19 Digest (29 May 2020)



  • Several countries in Southern and Eastern Africa have reported a significant uptick in daily cases over the past week, including Kenya and South Africa.

  • All countries in Southern and Eastern Africa have now been affected by the pandemic, with Lesotho recording its first case on 13 May. Cross-border transmission is a rising concern.

  • The pandemic has gained considerable pace in the region: numbers of people who contracted COVID-19 rose from about 10,000 on 1 May to nearly 50,000 by the end of the month.

  • Multiple locations have reported a spike in gender-based violence during the outbreak, as communities face rising economic pressure.

  • Resources are urgently needed to scale-up the life-saving response and common services for the outbreak.


  • 46,881 total cases in the region (as of 29 May)

  • 1,060 total deaths

  • 26 countries affected in the region


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