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Indian Ocean Sub-regional Programmes Appeal No. 05AA006 Programme Update No. 2


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In Brief

Appeal No. 05AA006; Programme Update no. 2; Period covered: July to December 2005; Appeal coverage: 76.3%; Outstanding needs: CHF 120,155 (USD 91,582 or EUR 77,196).

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Appeal target: CHF 507,714 (USD 403,300 or EUR 327,000).

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Programme summary: The highlight during the reporting period was the election of Comoros Red Crescent to membership of the Federation, as the 182nd member, at the General Assembly held in Seoul, Korea in November 2005.

Following the signing of a memorandum of understanding between the government of Madagascar and the Federation, a new transition committee, which was expected to be in place as of the end of 2005, has as its main priorities to prepare for an external audit of 2004 and 2005 accounts and to facilitate the implementation of the ensuing recommendations, to prepare a 2006 action plan, to initiate strategic planning and Statutes revision processes and to prepare committees at all levels for the next General Assembly.

The Mauritius Red Cross Society continued to raise its profile with partners inside and outside the Movement during the past six months, including the National Disaster Committee and the Meteorological Services who were involved in its disaster response strategy review. The national society also signed a two year co-operation agreement with the Spanish Red Cross.

As the Seychelles Red Cross Society branches on Praslin and La Digue continue to develop activities, the second half of the year focused on the preparation of branch assemblies in advance of the General Assembly which was held in August. The national society also launched a review process of its strategic plan during the reporting period.

The sub-regional disaster management programme made great strides towards refocusing the sub-regional disaster management strategy for 2005-2008, strengthening disaster prepared capacities of the four Indian Ocean national societies and promoting partnerships with key organisations.

Operational developments

The Comoros Red Crescent Society was elected as the 182nd member at the Federation's General Assembly held in Seoul, Korea in November 2005. Towards the end of November 2005, the Karthala volcano erupted for the second time in the year.A disaster management information systems (DMIS) alert on the volcanic eruption was posted and an information bulletin was issued by the Federation.

A breakthrough was made with the government of Madagascar in August 2005 when a memorandum of understanding (MoU) was signed by the Federation and the 'directeurs de cabinet' of the five ministries who ousted t he elected leadership of the national society. The MoU outlines the way forward in resolving the crisis, and is accompanied by a detailed plan of action. A new transition committee, which was expected to be in place as of the end of 2005, will prepare a General Assembly. The recruitment of an organizational development delegate ot facilitate the process is currently on course and th e selected candidate is expected to take up office, in Madagascar, in early January 2006.

In Seychelles, much of the support to the national society is covered under the Tsunami appeal (28/2004). However a branch and youth development programme, financed by the Capacity Building Fund is moving ahead. Formalities are being completed with the government regarding the allocation of a piece of land for the construction of a new headquarters office.

For further information specifically related to this operation please contact:

In Comoros: Mohibaca Baco, Preside nt, Comoros Red Crescent, Moroni; Email:; Phone +; Fax +

In Madagascar: Malagasy Red Cross Society, Antananarivo; Email:; Phone +; Fax +

In Mauritius: Gaëtan Roland Lagesse, Director General, Mauritius Red Cross Society, Curepipe; Email; Phone + 230.676.36.04; Fax +230.483.66.80

In Seychelles: Colette Servina, President, Seychelles Red Cross Society, Victoria; Email:; Phone +; Fax +

In Kenya: Susanna Cunningham, Head of Indian Ocean Islands, Sub-Regional Office Nairobi; Email:; Phone +; Fax +

In Kenya: Anitta Underlin, Federation Head of East Africa Regional Delegation, Nairobi, Email:; Phone + ; Fax +

In Geneva: Amna Al Ahmar, Federation Regional Officer for Eastern Africa, Africa Dept; Email: ; Phone +41.22.730.44.27; Fax +41.22.733.03.95

This Programme Update reflects activities to be implemented over a one-year period. This forms part of, and is based on, longer-term, multi-year planning (refer below to access the detailed logframe documents). All International Federation assistance seeks to adhere to the Code of Conduct and is committed to the Humanitarian Charter and Minimum Standards in Disaster Responsei n delivering assistance to the most vulnerable.

For support to or for further information concerning Federation programmes or operations in this or other countries, or for a full description of the national society profile, please access the Federation's website at

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