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Indian Ocean Islands: MADAGASCAR, COMOROS, MAURITIUS and SEYCHELLES MAA64002 - Annual report 2009


In brief

Programme purpose: This programme is designed to improve the capacities of the National Societies of the Indian Ocean Islands (IOI) namely Comoros, Madagascar, Mauritius and Seychelles in Organisational Development and Disaster Management. It supports these Operating National Societies (ONSs) in developing quality programmes at the institutional and community level, to reduce the impact of disasters and health emergencies on vulnerable communities.

Programme summary: The IO1 plan and budget was 43 percent covered, and earmarked for disaster management, heath and social services and IFRC technical support to the ONSs programmes. The gap in funding resources significantly reduced the scale of development and implementation of other planned activities such as disaster preparedness and response. Despite the limited funding support, the IOI region's ONSs continued the development of programmes activities significantly in enhancing the preparedness and response mechanism by training the regional disaster response team (RDRT) and the national disaster response teams (NDRT), as well as carrying out vulnerability capacity assessments (VCA). Most of the funds received in 2009 were earmarked for the IFRC technical support during the Malaria campaign carried out in Madagascar and for regional finance development initiatives across the region. Whilst the activities carried out signify a commitment from the ONS to improve the standards of their intervention, funding support is needed to help met the set objectives and targets.