Cyclone Kenneth - Comoros Situation Report 1 - period covered: April 25, 2019


Situation Overview Highlights:

Humanity Road activated the disaster desk at a Yellow Level 2 to monitor impacts to Comoros from Cyclone Kenneth. . According to UNOSAT the entire population of Comoros (758,339) is within the cyclones reach. GDACS issued an orange alert for the cyclone. Flooding due to heavy rains is expected to increase with winds reaching up to 130mph. The storm is expected to make landfall in northern Mozambique and southern Tanzania.

Situation Overview

As Kenneth passed to the north of Comoros, which has a population of around one million people, it was packing sustained winds of around 140km per hour with significantly higher gusts. This makes it equivalent to a category-1 Atlantic hurricane on the Saffir-Simpson scale. Tropical cyclones in this region are rare as they do not tend to form within 10 degrees of the equator because the Coriolis force is not strong enough. By 9:00 GMT, the winds around Kenneth intensified to 230-gusting-to-280km/h, making it equivalent to a category-4 hurricane.

Significant Updates

Below is a summary of current conditions and significant updates.

25 APR

● Press briefing by the Minister of the Interior KIKI and Colonel ISMAEL Mwigni Daho,

● Power Outages: Winds caused widespread power outages in the northern part of the main island, Grande Comore, and the capital Moroni as well as on the island of Anjouan

● Homes and roads are damaged and destroyed, telephone poles and trees are down.
Red Crescent volunteers are supporting the urgent needs of communities, providing first aid and assessing needs on the ground.