Comoros: Red Crescent Society recognized

ICRC Press release N°.05/54

Geneva (ICRC) - At its meeting of 22 September last, the International Committee of the Red Cross recognized the Comoros Red Crescent Society as the 182nd member Society of the International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement.

The Comoros Red Crescent was forged through the determination of its members to overcome divisions. It owes its vigour to a strong volunteer structure of over 2,000 people, whose steadfastness continues to drive the Society's humanitarian mission.

Despite the political challenges facing the country in recent years, the National Society has remained quite unified. Each of the country's three islands has its own regional committee, and representatives of all three sit on the Society's national committee. The Society has set up 138 local committees on all three islands and there is one Red Crescent representative in most local communities.

This structure has allowed the Society to respond effectively and swiftly to diverse crises, such as the cholera epidemics and the eruption of Mount Karthala, during which Red Crescent volunteers purified wells in 36 villages, providing some 30,000 people with vital drinking water. Last but not least, in recent disturbances the Society was the only humanitarian organization coming to the aid of those in need.

Today, the Society furnishes a range of indispensable humanitarian services and has become a key partner for the government in meeting the population's health needs. Its priorities are now to develop its local branches, youth activities, financial resources and ability to respond to cyclones and floods. It will be supported in these endeavours by other members of the International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement.

The ICRC congratulates the Comoros Red Crescent Society and wishes it continued success in its humanitarian work.

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