Comoros: Anjouan Island Cyclone Hellen Snapshot (as of 18 April 2014)

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Cyclone Hellen:
Comoros experienced heavy rain due to Tropical Cyclone Hellen in late March 2014. This was aggrevated by an earlier 4.8 magnitude earthquake on 12 March, resulting in land subsidence, cracks and risk of landslides at Mahale Village in Anjouan. The government therefore evacuated 3,030 people at risk, to a camp in Bambao Village on 31 March. Some of these people have since been accomodated by relatives, leaving 1,550 people (411 primary school students, 60 pregnant women, 80 lactating women and 282 children less than 5 years) remaining in the camp, who require assistance. The Directorate General of the Civil Protection (DGSC) is leading the response with the assistance of OCHA, UNDP, UNICEF, UNFPA, WHO, PIROI/Red Crescent and local NGOs (Maeecha, CAP). The return of the displaced people is dependent on the scientific results of a geo-seismic survey scheduled in the coming days.

In addition, one of the roads past Mahale village is cracked, cutting off access to the capital for 4 villages (Harembo, Hajoho, Handrouva and Jimlime) with a population of 10,000 people. The health facility for these villages is functional but has a shortage of medical supplies and the school is not operational due to inaccessibility of the area .

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