Update on Colombia Floods - 26 Jul 2007

Situation Report
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Colombia remains severely affected by floods and landslides caused by the first yearly rainy season. According to official data (DGPAD, July 24) since mid-January 58 persons died, 14 are missing, 580,277 are affected (117,834 families), 529 houses were destroyed and 12,017 severely damaged. Nearly 25% of the country's municipalities report events associated to disasters caused by heavy rains.

While authorities have been thus far able to provide broad humanitarian assistance, the situation remains critical in Cordoba and La Mojana region (Sucre and Bolivar departments) in the Caribbean Coast, where response capacities are surpassed by the intensity of rains and difficulties in reaching affected families.

The need for humanitarian assistance in the department of Cordoba and in La Mojana region is beyond the local government's capacity. In both regions, the affected population doubled (2.5) if compared to last years figures. Furthermore, throughout the country, flooding occurred in 28 out of 32 departments with more than 540,000 affected persons, who are in need of humanitarian assistance. Consequently, the government declared a "state of public calamity" in Cordoba (July 11) and named La Mojana region as a "disaster zone" (June 28). Although this allowed more funds to be allocated for its integrated emergency and recovery plan, the critical situation in both regions requires integrated and additional emergency humanitarian support.

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