Update on Colombia Floods - 07 Nov 2007

Situation Report
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Second rainy season affects 72% of Colombia's territory

I. Situation Review

Due to the influence of "La Niña" phenomenon, since mid September 83 municipalities in 23 departments affected by heavy rains and floods leave 80 deaths and above 850 thousand people affected. Through November 5, DPAD registered 852,239 affected people (174.755 families), 80 deaths, 130 people injured, 16 disappeared, 1,383 houses destroyed and 28,816 damaged.

The Colombian Red Cross reports that the most affected departments thus far have been Chocó, Bolívar, Sucre, Córdoba and Magdalena, -the same as in the first rainy season-. IDEAM reported that the second rainy season began with mid to high water levels in the lower basin of the Magdalena River, and with permanent increases due to constant rainfall. The lower reaches of the Magdalena River have increased water levels along Cesar, Magdalena and Atlántico departments. In addition, increases in water levels along the San Jorge River are also affecting Magdalena's levels. IDEAM's meteorological models show persistent rainfall over the next days in the eastern Cordillera as well as in northern departments of La Guajira, Cesar, Magdalena, Atlántico and Bolívar (with 31 floods in 2007).

Bolívar's capital, Cartagena, is under critical conditions as rainfall has been intensifying over the past days. There are 16,000 people affected, many of them settled in high-risk areas such as La Popa hill, currently flooded. Similarly, in rural Magdalena there are 15,000 affected. In La Mojana region, the most affected during the first rainy season, the situation has worsened due to increased flooding during September and October.

II. Impact


During 2007 there have been 23 floods in Córdoba department; 6 of which occurred over the past 3 months. Floods have affected 19 municipalities since March caused by precipitation along the San Jorge and Sinú Rivers' basins and their tributaries. DPAD reported that 77,247 people (15,560 families) have been affected so far showing a 16,49% increase in terms of flood events as compared to the last report (August 13).

MAP: Update on Colombia Floods (as of 7 Nov 2007)

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