Update on Colombia Floods - 04 Sep 2007




In Córdoba department, due to the overflow of the San Jorge and Sinú rivers and their tributaries, 17 municipalities were severely flooded. The most serious impact started on 27 June during the evening hours, when the Sinú River overflowed.

The Government of Colombia, via the Government of Córdoba, declared a Red Alert (Decree 423 of 11 July 2007) to evacuate the riverside areas along the Sinú and San Jorge rivers along a 132 km stretch, from the Urrá dam to the mouth of the rivers on the Magdalena river. A total of 65,588 people were affected, comprising 13,667 families, along with the loss of commercial and subsistence crops, livestock and fish farms. At the same time, there was an impact on road, education, healthcare and social infrastructure.

Beginning on 19 August, Córdoba department has experienced new flooding principally in the municipalities of Chimá, Ciénaga de Oro, Lorica, Momil, Montería, Purísima, San Bernardo del Viento, San Pelayo, Tierralta and Valencia. The emergency could last into the month of October according to information from IDEAM, for the rest of the rainy season.

The majority of the families affected by the flooding that began on 27 June had not yet recovered to their pre-flooding living conditions, when they were again affected by the 19 August flooding.


According to information provided by DPAD, Majagual and Guaranda municipalities in La Mojana region continue to experience the same flooding level due to new flooding at the sources of the river between 11 and 20 August.

The agricultural sector has not yet begun its normal production. The new flooding principally impacts the municipalities of San Benito Abad, Caimito, San Marco in Sucre department, and Achí and San Jacinto del Cauca in Bolívar department, where 1,780 families (9,000 people) were affected.


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