United Nations Verification Mission in Colombia - Report of the Secretary-General (S/2020/1301)

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  1. The present report is submitted pursuant to Security Council resolution 2545 (2020), by which the Council extended the mandate of the United Nations Verification Mission in Colombia, and Council resolution 2366 (2017), in which it requested the Secretary-General to report on the implementation of the mandate of the Mission every 90 days. The report covers the period from 26 September to 28 December 2020.

  2. On 24 November, Colombians marked the fourth anniversary of the signing of the Final Agreement for Ending the Conflict and Building a Stable and Lasting Peace between the Government of Colombia and the Fuerzas Armadas Revolucionarias de Colombia-Ejército del Pueblo (FARC-EP), which put an end to a conflict of more than 50 years and ushered in a new era of peacebuilding in which unquestionable achievements have been attained even as concerns and risks remain. As a result of the Agreement, the country has seen a significant nationwide decrease in violence compared to previous decades, such as notable reductions in homicides, kidnappings and other conflict-related indicators; Colombian democracy has expanded to include more political participation; conflict-affected communities are beginning to see the fruits of long-overdue investments in their regions; and a transitional justice system is working to provide truth, justice and reparations to victims. The parties to the Agreement remain committed to implementing the various components of the Agreement, with the support of Colombian society and the international community, amid formidable challenges, particularly the persistence and concentration of violence in some regions.