Summary of Colombia's Agreement to End Conflict and Build Peace

from Government of Colombia
Published on 30 Sep 2016 View Original

This document contains a summary of the Final Agreement reached at the Negotiation Table in Havana between the Government of Colombia and the FARC–EP. It describes the goals of the agreement and the mechanisms agreed upon, with respect to the six agenda items discussed, as part of the General Agenda of the General Agreement for Ending Conflict and Building a Stable and Long-Lasting Peace..

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The Comprehensive Rural Reform (Reforma Rural Integral - RRI) seeks to lay down the foundation for the transformation of rural Colombia, create the conditions to ensure the health and well-being of the rural population and, in doing so, contribute to guarantee non-repetition of the conflict and to the construction of a stable and long-lasting peace.

• It focuses on the well-being of rural people, their communities and the different ethnic groups.

• It aims to strengthen the state’s presence across the country, integrate the various regions, close ‘the gap’ between rural and urban areas, improve the agricultural industry, protect the environment and ensure that the right to food is progressively realised.

• It conceives of the various regions across the country as having diverse constituents, and where these different communities will play leading roles in the Comprehensive Rural Reform.

• The Comprehensive Rural Reform will be undertaken nation-wide; that is to say, it will covers all of the country’s rural areas. Its implementation will be prioritised in the zones mostly affected by the conflict, areas with higher poverty levels, institutional weakness and the presence of crops made for illicit use and of other illegal economies.