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Regional Platform Meeting Report December 2018


Refugee and Migrant Response Plan

Following the official launch in Geneva on 14 December, the Regional Refugee and Migrant Response Plan (RMRP) was presented during the third meeting of the Regional Inter-Agency Coordination Platform. In 2019 the RMRP offers:

  1. A strategy to address the needs of 2.2 million refugees and migrants in 16 countries, aligned with governments’ responses and in coordination with development actors.

  2. A coordinated operational response benefitting to refugees and migrants but also host communities in four key areas of intervention: direct emergency assistance, protection, socio-economic and cultural integration, and capacity strengthening of host governments.

  3. A coordination mechanism to ensure synergies between 95 partners, avoid duplications, and minimize gaps.

  4. A funding mechanism to enable resource mobilization and provide a comprehensive overview of the needs and response, stipulating financial requirements of US$ 738 million.