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The Provision of Cash and Voucher Assistance in the Response to the Venezuela Refugee and Migrant Crisis: Findings and lessons learned

Evaluation and Lessons Learned
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This study, for which data was compiled between March and April 2020, seeks to document lessons and good practices in the delivery of CVA in Ecuador and Colombia by humanitarian organisations and governments, in response to migrants and refugees from Venezuela. The purpose of this analysis is to catalyse the knowledge generated to date with an aim to improve current and future humanitarian responses in the region. This mainly qualitative analysis takes into account eight thematic areas that seek to cover different aspects of humanitarian response: meeting needs and preferences of affected populations, monitoring, MPC design and coordination, risks, data management, alignment with national social protection systems, Know Your Customer (KYC) and financial regulations, and lastly, coordination. More than one hundred concrete examples of good practices have been identified, along with the factors that hinder and enable results in each one of the thematic areas, as well as suggestions to strengthen them.