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Protection Monitoring Report July - September 2020

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Report about the protection monitoring conducted from July to September 2020, where more than 1.500 households were surveyed in Barranquilla (Atlántico), Riohacha (La Guajira), Bogotá and Medellín (Antioquia).


The protection monitoring is one of the main ac- tivities of DRC Colombia and it identifies protec- tion gaps, incidents and human rights violations. It also identifies and analyses capacities and coping strategies of the population of interest, to reinforce the responsibility of the State and other actors to protect the affected population (advocacy) and inform the programming of DRC and other organizations in the humanitarian response.

The protection monitoring collects data about protection risks (threats and vulnerabilities) at individual, household and community level to detect human rights violations, their capacities, the access to services (safe and without discrimination) and provides a quarterly context analysis. Also, the protection monitoring looks to identify and analyze risks, incidents and trends relevant to the protection and assistance of affected populations that allow informed decision-making, the prioritization, the promotion, and the design of humanitarian responses.

The protection monitoring is conducted in the communities where the refugee, migrant, and returnee population live and includes household surveys, focus group discussions, interviews with key informants, and direct observations. The protection monitoring analysis in this report is based primarily on this information but is com- plemented by information available through other sources.

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Contact: Joakim Daun Country Protection Coordinator DRC Colombia Email:


This report presents the results of DRC Colom- bia ́s protection monitoring conducted from July to September 2020. In total, 1,548 households were surveyed, covering a total of 6,365 persons. The surveys were carried out in the four loca- tions where DRC has field presence: Barranquilla (30.9%), Riohacha (29.2%); Bogotá (20.0%), and Medellin (19.8%). In addition, 17 focus groups were completed (Barranquilla 4, Medellin 4, and Bogota 9). From January to September 2020, DRC has interviewed a total of 4,755 families, co- vering a total of 17,874 persons.