Project: Humanitarian Response to the flood emergency and winter wave in Sutatausa-Cundinamarca, Colombia (July 16, 2022)


Situation in numbers

200 families affected by the winter wave in Sutatausa, Cundinamarca, Colombia.
305 people benefited
Concubita and Chipaquín villages
benefited from humanitarian support and intervention.
Humanitarian deployment of 200 sanitary kits and 200 food supplies


Abba Colombia Foundation since 2019 has been working in the municipality of Sutatausa, deploying humanitarian aid and serving the most vulnerable community in different ways. On July 16, 2022 an intervention was carried out in humanitarian response to the emergency of winter wave and flooding for the villages of concubita and chipaquín in Sutatausa. This response was led by Fundación Abba Colombia and World Jewish Relief.


The objective is the protection of human life against situations out of control that arise due to the impact of a disaster in the villages of Chipaquín and Concubita affecting the social and economic structure, the purpose is to provide effective care to anyone who is affected by any type of emergency caused by natural phenomena.


Within the scales of climate variability, natural phenomena in their cold "La Niña" and warm "El Niño" phases are determinant in the climatic patterns of various areas of the earth's surface. The Colombian territory is one of them, and as a clear demonstration, the presence of the "La Niña" phenomenon that began in September 2020 and is currently continuing, the repercussion on the climate of Colombia has been quite notorious, generating emergencies associated with slow floods, flash floods and landslides, with the consequent human and material losses.