The Pearson Peacekeeping Centre Helps Assess the Needs of Colombia’s Peacekeeping Training Centre

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The Pearson Peacekeeping Centre will visit Botoga, Colombia from November 21 to 25 to consult with its peacekeeping training centre, the Colombian International Missions and Integral Action School (ESMAI) on its development needs in regard to integrated peacekeeping training activities.

In August 2011, Colombia was accepted as a full member of La Asociación Latinoamericana de Centros de Entrenamiento para Operaciones de Paz (ALCOPAZ). The process began in December 2009 when Colombia attended a Pearson Peacekeeping Centre event in Buenos Aires. It then requested a seminar to help understand the political and strategic context of modern peacekeeping.

Through its training centre, Colombia wishes to find ways to increase the capacity and capability of its training centre in order to effectively train its personnel to deploy on peace operations.

“Our goal is to become a Joint training centre that brings together all of the armed forces and civilian components in a mission,” says Colonel Oscar Alexander Tobar Soler, Director of ESMAI. “Evaluating our needs is a step in the right direction to receive the training necessary to allow our instructors the ability to train participants in a responsible manner.”

This activity is funded by the Stabilization and Reconstruction Task Force (START) of the Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade Canada.

The Canadian-based Pearson Peacekeeping Centre continues delivering its unique programs in capacity building, training and peacekeeping exercises/simulations to contribute to effective international peace and security.