Peace Mail - March 20-26, 2018

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WEEKLY UPDATE: Implementing the Peace Accords

This callout box includes a weekly update on releases and work specifically related to implementing the Final Peace Accord between the Government (GOC) and the FARC in Colombia.

The current government now has three months to get the remaining legislation for the implementation of the Peace Accords through Congress, in a persistently polemical atmosphere. Pending laws include the legal code under which the JEP will judge serious war crimes; the land law for the delivery of property to poor people in rural areas; the rural cadastral; the decriminalization of small-scale coca growers; and adjustments to the Development Plan to ensure the implementation of the Peace Accord is budgeted for. The 16 seats for victims in Congress and the political reform to guarantee greater transparency in the electoral system also await approval.1 The FARC this week rejected the Government’s new legal project for small-scale coca, marijuana, and opium poppy farmers.