Colombia + 2 more

ODM-WFP Emergency Situation Report on Latin America & the Caribbean 12 Feb 2003

  1. Colombia
    PRRO 06139.0

Reporting Period: 02/04 to 02/10/2003

a) Significant Events:

WFP continues to assist those families affected by violence in eastern Antioquia with its new complementary feeding and food for training activities. At an international workshop, mayors of several cities addressed the humanitarian crisis of the region that has caused the departure of 40-50% of the families over the last 5 years.

b) Security:

On 7 February, a bomb exploded in an exclusive club in Bogota killing at least 33 persons and wounding over 165. WFP office is located four blocks from the area of impact but no staff was affected.

The country management team and UNSECOORD are issuing further security measures related to staff movements and premises.

c) Implementation:

WFP is implementing community kitchens, pre-school and recovery nutrition projects in 12 departments.

2. Cuba

IRA/EMOP 10239.0

Reporting Period: 02/04 to 02/10/2003

a) Significant Events:

Food distribution to beneficiaries in Pinar del Rio and Isla de la Juventud began on 17 January at 646 distribution points. A total of 38,218 beneficiaries are receiving daily rations of rice and beans, of which 3,048 are expectant women and 35,170 are children under 5.

3. Peru

Reporting Period: 01/27 to 02/03/2003

a) Significant Events:

The Institute of Civil Defense informed that as a result of heavy rains hitting Puno, Madre de Dios and Cusco during the last two weeks, a total of 18 persons died; 59,474 persons were injured, 6,120 houses affected, and 31,485 hectares of crops destroyed.

International Cooperation Institutes are assisting the affected population. A total of 14,000 persons have been provided with food and clothing. However, this aid is temporary. The loss of crops has become a matter of great concern. A lack of food is foreseen for a one-year period and it is expected to have an impact on the majority of affected families, thus leading to food insecurity.

Rains are still affecting other parts of the country and the last report indicates that four persons are missing due to the overflowing of a river in Ayacucho. The official number of the affected people in this department is still unknown.