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Natural Hazards Monitoring - 24 May 2022


Severe Weather


On 23 May, the Colombia National Unit for Disaster Risk Management (UNGRD per its acronym in Spanish) reported between 16 March to 23 May, there were 728 events related to the rainy season in 366 municipalities of 28 departments in the country. The departments of Cundinamarca, Norte de Santander, and Antioquia were the most affected. In total there were 25,000 families affected, 59 people died, 74 people were injured, and 16 people are missing. More than 12,750 houses reported damage and 277 houses were destroyed. Additionally, 625 roads, 67 vehicular bridges, 30 pedestrian bridges, 67 aqueducts, 32 sewers, 5 health centers, and 98 educational institutions sustained damage. The report is available at UNGRD


On 23 May, the Guatemala National Coordination System for Disaster Reduction (CONRED per its acronym in Spanish), reported 5 incidents related to the rainy season that occurred on 23 May affecting 4 departments. In the Department of Retalhuleu flooding in the municipalities of San Andrés and Retalhuleu affected 37 people and 40 people and moderately damaged 7 houses and 12 houses respectively. Flooding in San José La Maquina, Suchitepéquez affected 10 people, and mudflows in Almolonga, Quetzaltenango and Santa Catalina La Tinta, Alta Verapaz affected 2,000 people and 5,000 people respectively as well as roads and a highway. According to a media report, 151 incidents occurred since the beginning of the 2022 Rainy Season, affecting 30,611 people and causing 535 evacuations. The incidents caused light damage to 40 houses, moderate damage to 166 houses, and severely damaged 2 houses. In addition, 6 roads were affected and a bridge was destroyed. There are around 1,000 shelters open across the country for those who are displaced from their homes. The reports are available at CONRED and Diario de Centro América.