Colombia + 2 more

Natural Hazards Monitoring - 14 September, 2021


Severe Weather


On 13 September, the Colombia National Unit for Disaster Risk (UNGRD as per its acronym in Spanish) published a report on Severe Weather events as of 13 September. According to the report, between 1 and 13 September, a total of 59 severe weather events were recorded in 53 municipalities across 18 departments, which affected 6,037 families. During the same period, a total of, 19 mass movements, 18 floods, 11 gales, 7 storms, and 4 torrential floods occurred. The departments that have been most affected are Antioquia, Norte de Santander, Cauca, Córdoba, Huila, Tolima, Bolívar, and Sucre. In terms of damages, 4,046 houses sustained damages and 3 were destroyed. More than $4,314 million in Emergency Humanitarian Assistance has been activated which includes a total of 7,000 food, toilet, and kitchen kits as well as hammocks, mosquito nets, blankets, and mats. The report is available at: UNGRD.


On 13 September, the Guatemala National Coordination System for Disaster Reduction (CONRED as per its acronym in Spanish) reported that during the 2021 rainy season and as of 13 September morning, a total of 768 severe weather events have been mitigated by CONRED. These weather events have affected 1,333,218 persons, 10,805 persons were evacuated of which 637 were sheltered. During the same period, a total of 16 injuries and 23 fatalities have been confirmed. In terms of damages, 4,069 houses sustained slight to severe damages, 118 schools, 205 roads, 11 buildings, and 21 bridges were affected, and 2 roads and 12 bridges were destroyed. In addition, according to a media report, between 11 and 12 September, severe weather affected 45,875 persons in the departments of Santa Rosa, Escuintla, Jutiapa, Alta Verapaz, Quiché, Baja Verapaz, San Marcos, and Guatemala. Evacuations were carried out for 892 persons who were moved to the houses of neighbors or close relatives. In total, 578 houses were affected, 16 were determined to be at risk, and 1 fatality was reported. The reports are available at: CONRED and Prensa Libre.

Tropical Storm Nicholas

United States of America

On 14 September, the United States Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) reported on Tropical Storm Nicholas which made landfall on the southeastern coast of Texas on 13 September. A Storm Surge Warning is in effect for coastal communities in Texas and Louisiana. Since the storm made landfall, 5-10 inches and a maximum of 20 inches have fallen across portions of Texas, Louisiana, and Mississippi. In Texas and Louisiana there are currently 490,000 and 130,000 persons without power, respectively. The report is available at: FEMA.