Colombia + 3 more

Natural Hazards Monitoring - 13 September, 2021


Severe Weather

Colombia (Update)

According to a Cruz Roja Colombiana report, 11 municipalities in the departments of Antioquia, Córdoba, Sucre, and Bolívar were impacted due to the overflow of the Cauca River. In total, 12,000 persons were affected, 4 shelters were established, 500 tents were provided by Unidad Nacional para la Gestion del Riesgo de Desastres (UNGRD as per its acronym in Spanish). According to a media report, since the beginning of September, 43 municipalities in 17 departments have been impacted by the second rainy season in the country that affecting 4,903 families. Between 1-10 September, a total of 3,813 houses have sustained damages caused by severe weather. Norte de Santander, Antioquia, Cauca, Córdoba, Huila, Tolima, Bolívar, and Sucre departments have been most greatly affected. Additionally, heavy rain in the past several days generated torrential flood and gales in the municipalities of Uramita, Peque, Giraldo, and Cañasgordas in Antioquia Department. The Emergency Humanitarian Assistance Unit has been deployed to provide aid to the affected families providing food, toilet, and kitchen kits, as well as blankets, and mats to the affected families. The reports are available at: Cruz Roja Colombiana and Blu Radio.

El Salvador

On 12 September, the El Salvador Civil Protection Services issued a Red Alert for the municipalities of Tecoluca in the department of San Vicente; Jiquilisco and Puerto El Triunfo in the department of Usulután; an Orange Alert in the departments of Chalatenango, Ahuachapán, and Sonsonate; and a Yellow Alert for the rest of the country. These alerts were issued due to risks of landslides and floods caused by the overflowing of rivers and accumulation of moisture in the soil. According to media report, 106 severe weather-related incidents were reported in different regions of El Salvador and caused 1 fatality and affected 32 families. In total, 28 landslides, 24 road obstructions, 12 floods, 23 fallen trees, and 3 river overflows were reported. The Northern Region of the country was the most affected; Santa Rita, in Chalatenango endured rock falls and landslides; Usulután and La Unión were affected by fallen trees. According to damage assessments, 149 houses and 27 schools sustained damage, 5 houses were destroyed, and 4 communities were isolated. Additionally, due to the severe weather, a total of 32 families (105 persons) were evacuated and placed in temporary shelters. The reports are available at: Proteccion Civil and La Prensa Grafica.

Guatemala (Update)

On 10 September, the Guatemala National Coordination System for Disaster Reduction (CONRED as per its acronym in Spanish) reported 7 incidents that affected 6,128 persons. In Santa Rosa and Alta Verapaz Departments, landslides were reported while mud flows were reported in Guatemala department, and floods were reported in Escuintla, and Suchitepéquez Departments. According to the Damage Assessment and Needs Analysis (EDAN as per its acronym in Spanish), a total of 40 houses have been affected (8 reported at risk and 32 houses sustained mild to moderate damages). Additionally, since the beginning of the 2021 Rainy Season, a total of 723 weather-related incidents have been reported affecting 1,177,487 persons and evacuating a total of 166 persons. Overall, according to EDAN, a total of 1,234 houses sustained slight damages, while another 2,144 sustained moderate damages, and 144 were severely damaged. The report is available at: CONRED.


United States of America (Update)

On 13 September, the United States Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) provided an update on the Caldor Fire occurring in El Dorado, California. The wildfire has burned a total of 219,267 acres and is 65% contained. Currently 3,258 residents remain under mandatory evacuation orders, while 16,025 houses continue to be threatened, 53 have been damaged, and 782 have been destroyed. In total, 15 persons have sustained injuries due to the fire. A total of 66 persons continue to be sheltered (62 housed in 12 congregate shelters and 4 in 2 non congregate shelters) across California and Nevada States. Furthermore, a total of 1,193 persons remain without power in El dorado County. The report is available at: FEMA.