Meeting of Javier Solana, EU High Representative for the CFSP, with James Lemoyne, UNSG Special Adviser for Colombia

News and Press Release
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Brussels, 4 March 2003 - Dr. Javier Solana, High Representative of the European Union for the Common Foreign and Security Policy, today met Mr. James Lemoyne, UNSG Special Adviser for Colombia.
During the meeting, they had an in-depth discussion about the evolution of the Colombian conflict and the current efforts deployed to facilitate a new peace process between the Government and the guerrilla groups.

The High Representative reiterated the EU's full support for the good offices that the UN is carrying out with the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia ('FARC') as requested by President Uribe. They agreed on the need for the EU and the UN to support the democratic State and the legitimate government of Colombia, which is facing enormous threats and to work closely together to achieve a peaceful solution to the Colombian conflict.