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Mass forced displacement in Colombia and migration exodus; protection guarantees for affected families (Data as of September 1-2021)


The following data are relevant to the preliminary data analysis work carried out by Fundación Abba Colombia to date 1 st September 2021 in. These data correspond to the points affected by the migration exodus and forced displacement where Fundación Abba Colombia has a presence and is currently deploying humanitarian aid. This document is also complementary to the intervention given by Fundación Abba Colombia during the Human rights council session No 48 in Geneva, Switzerland. If you want to get in touch with Fundacion Abba Colombia and donate to their work please email to: or visit our website:

Affected departments and focal points where AbbaCol team is intervening:

Below is a graph showing where AbbaCol team has collected data on the population affected, damage caused by the winter wave and covid19.

CHART 1: Focal points: Presence of AbbaCol humanitarian team This graph shows the focal point where Fundación Abba Colombia is executing humanitarian aid, focusing on the most vulnerable population affected by migration and displacement many of which are victims of the armed conflict in the country and are internally displaced or migrants.