Long Term Planning Framework: Colombian Red Cross Society 2012-2015

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1 Americas Zone Mission

The mission of the Americas Zone is to support Americas National Societies to increase humanitarian and development standards, helping them to remain relevant within their country and sustainable and accountable for their actions, guided by the implementation of Strategy 2020.

2 National Society Mission

The Colombian Red Cross Society’s mission is in any circumstance in which its duty is to intervene, to prevent and alleviate the suffering and lack of protection of people affected by any eventuality with complete impartiality, without discrimination based on nationality, race, sex, religion, language, social condition or political opinion; protect the lives and health of people and their dignity as human beings, particularly in times of armed conflict and in other emergency situations; contribute, in line with its mission and objectives, to the promotion of health, well being and disease prevention; promote voluntary work and service availability on the part of members of the Movement, with a universal sense of solidarity for those that need protection and assistance; promote and defend human rights, international humanitarian law and the Fundamental Principles of the International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement. For this reason the Colombian Red Cross seeks to: “Make changes in accordance with the principle of humanity in order to serve effectively”.

3 Introduction

Colombian Red Cross Society Framework

The Zone Plan covers the period of 2012–2015 and outlines the strategy for the International Federation in the Americas. This strategy seeks to improve leadership in National Societies and promote the recognition of the Red Cross as an inspiring humanitarian organization in its auxiliary role to the government. It also seeks to position the Red Cross network and prepare it to respond to:

1) the humanitarian implications that are related to the external trends, progress and challenges; 2) fundamental changes in the nature and structure of the humanitarian community; and 3) internal pressures and challenges. This strategy takes shape and expresses itself through the country focus that is outlined in the country support plan, which has the Zone Plan and the National Society Strategic Plan as reference frameworks, and has the same implementation period as the latter.

The current document is the expression of the country plan and defines the following elements:

  1. The way in which the Federation secretariat will support the fulfilment of the objectives of the National Society’s Strategic Plan in line with the established priorities and needs agreed upon by both institutions.

  2. The way in which the secretariat, as indicated in the zone plan, will contribute at the national level to the implementation of the General Assembly resolutions, the decisions by the Federation Governing Board, resolutions, agreements and plans resulting from the Inter-American Conference and finally the General Secretary’s objectives.

  3. The way in which the National Society commits, in line with its experience and capacity, to supporting and contributing to the development of other National Societies in the region and to leading processes and specific thematic areas.

The Colombian Red Cross Society’s strategy covers the period of 2010–2015 and the basis of its structure and objectives are the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies’ Strategy 2020 and the Inter-American Plan, and it is applied through local operational plans.