Humanitarian aid 2020: Fundación Abba Colombia (Data as of November 15-2020)

Situation Report
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The following data are relevant to the preliminary data analysis work carried out by Fundación Abba Colombia to date 15 November 2020 in Colombia (Last update December 30-2020). These data correspond to the points affected by the winter wave and covid19 where Fundación Abba Colombia has a presence and is currently deploying humanitarian aid, as well the humanitarian response during the Christmas season.

This document contains data, graphics and information on the areas where Fundación Abba Colombia is present and will be carrying out its humanitarian intervention.

Description for the intervention

Due to the current winter wave in the country caused by the two hurricanes ETA and IOTA and the phenomenon of the girl child “Fenomeno de la niña, also due to the health emergency of the covid19, Fundación Abba Colombia has developed a humanitarian response plan in line with the national action plan to help those affected who are in a vulnerable state due to this winter wave during the covid19.

This plan will also cover families affected by the pandemic. The programme has its focal point in the city of Bogotá DC and its most affected focal points. Giving priority to families that have been affected by the winter wave and covid19. The programme has given priority to the following population: children and adolescents, women and families in emergency situations, being this population victims of the armed conflict in Colombia and migrants.

Purpose 1: Creation of community and volunteer networks for the distribution of health kits (which will include basic hygiene items), distribution of food kits (which will include basic non-perishable food), distribution of personal protection kits (which will include precautionary items in natural disasters), distribution of clothing items (which will include clothing items, blankets and others).

Purpose 2: Fundación Abba Colombia team together with the competent national authorities in focal points will generate an immediate support and a priority response of humanitarian and health assistance to the families that are in a vulnerable state due to the winter wave and covid19.

Purpose 3: Fundación Abba Colombia will call for the incorporation of doctors and staff This appeal will be made within the affected communities, focusing on adequate medical assistance for children and adolescents, the elderly, people with disabilities, women and men who have suffered from the winter wave, following the guidelines of the national health system, especially during the covid19 in the different affected areas.

Purpose 4: Dissemination of messages in different media with recommendations, precautions for personal and health protection during the winter wave highlighting the biosecurity guidelines of the covid19; dissemination of messages and awareness raising including MHPSS. Inclusion of humanitarian support due to COVID19: this programme will cover families that have also been affected by the pandemic.

AbbaCol will continue the work of medical days that it has been carrying out during COVID19 with extension and prioritizing the focal points affected by the winter wave mentioned above, following the guidelines of the national plan to give an effective priority response.

Purpose 5: To cover vulnerable populations that are victims of the armed conflict in Colombia and at the same time migrants who have been affected.