Flash Update 1 - Confinement in Montecristo (Bolívar)

According to reports from the Unidad para la Atención y Reparación Integral a las Víctimas (UARIV) and the Ombudsman’s Office Early Warning System (EWS), in the towns of El Dorado, El Paraíso and the area of Mina 6 in rural Montecristo municipality (Bolívar department), on the Caribbean coast, at least 1,000 people are confined following blockades and prohibitions on vehicle movement (cars, motorcycles and animals) by the ELN guerrillas, as well as other acts of violence such as the seizure and death of civilians, threats and extortions. There are urgent needs reported in health, food security and nutrition. Since October 2012, the EWS have warned about the risk to these communities, due to a combination of risk factors related to the armed conflict and territorial conflicts over mining.

In response to the emergency, the UARIV and EWS plan a verification mission 20-24 May. The Local Humanitarian Team in Córdoba department is monitoring the situation, and in accord with the conclusions of an earlier mission, will plan possible assistance in the coming days.

The situation is likely to deteriorate, communities are resisting moving in the area due to a fear of reprisals and food supplies are falling. There are alerts related to possible malaria outbreaks, with 70 preliminary cases reported needing urgent treatment.

UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs:

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