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CrisisInSight Weekly Picks, 8 September 2021


A dam functioning as a retaining wall of the Cauca River overflowed on 27 August, following atypically heavy rainfall during the month in La Mojana, a northern region encompassing parts of Bolivar, Sucre, Antioquia, and Cordoba departments. Flooding impacted all municipalities in the region, with Achí, San Jacinto del Cauca (both in Bolivar), and Guaranda (Sucre) most affected. At 6 September, around 50,000 people are known to have been affected in Sucre and Cordoba. An undetermined number of people in La Mojana had to move to higher areas because their homes were damaged, and an estimated 300,000 cattle need to be relocated. Livestock losses are expected and at least 7,000 hectares of crops (rice, banana, corn, yams) are flooded, with losses likely to affect the agriculture-dependent livelihoods of many of the region’s inhabitants. Shelter, non-food items and healthcare needs are reported. At least 500,000 people living in La Mojana are at risk of future flooding.

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On 4 September, at least 30 people were killed in Luna-Samboko village, in Irumu territory (Ituri province) in an attack attributed to the Allied Democratic Forces (ADF). This happened four days after a convoy heading to Beni was ambushed in an attack also attributed to the ADF, resulting in 10 people dead and 14 vehicles burned. At least 534 fatalities been recorded in Ituri since President Tshisekedi declared a state of siege in eastern DRC (Ituri and North Kivu provinces) on 6 May 2021, in response to rising insecurity. The violence is hampering humanitarian access in Ituri and resulting in displacement. The number of people displaced by these attacks is unclear, but Ituri currently hosts some 1.7 million IDPs in total. Newly displaced people seek refuge within local communities, adding pressure to the very limited resources available. IDPs' priority needs are health, food, shelter and WASH.

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On 1 September, armed men abducted 73 students from a secondary school in Kaya village (Maradun LGA, Zamfara state). Since March 2020, at least 1,400 students have been abducted for ransom in northwest Nigeria. The frequency of abductions has increased since December 2020. Zamfara has been one of the states most affected by these attacks, with around 419 students abducted. Frequent attacks by armed men in northwest Nigeria have hindered economic activities and affected the standard of living of the affected communities. In the aftermath of the attacks, schools are subject to closure and restrictions are imposed over travel and telecommunications for security reasons, temporarily limiting movement and access to education. Psychosocial support and counselling services for affected parents and students have been identified as a priority in the humanitarian response.

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