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Colombian peace deal to be deposited in Switzerland

The Colombian government and FARC rebels have issued a joint statement stipulating that the final agreement on ending the conflict and building sustainable and long lasting peace in Colombia is to be deposited in Switzerland. The Federal Department of Foreign Affairs (FDFA) welcomes this statement. The FDFA has been providing specialised expertise for the negotiations between the Colombian government and FARC rebels.

The joint statement stipulates that the final peace agreement on ending the conflict and building sustainable, long lasting peace in Colombia should immediately be transferred for storage to the Swiss Federal Council once it has been signed. This is a sign that the parties recognise and want to emphasise the significance of the peace deal as a special humanitarian agreement under the Geneva Conventions.

The FDFA welcomes the progress that has been achieved during the peace process and the statement issued by the negotiating parties. Since 2001, Switzerland has been active on all fronts in its commitment to foster peace in Colombia and has supported the ongoing peace process in several areas.

Colombia is one of the few countries where Switzerland has three cooperation programmes: peace and human rights, humanitarian aid and economic cooperation. Switzerland provides technical know-how for the negotiating process, supports preparations on how to implement the future peace agreement and works to alleviate the worst effects of the conflict in those regions hit hardest by the violence. Together with civil society organisations, Switzerland also promotes local dialogue, accompanies reconciliation processes and helps to tackle structural problems in Colombia through economic cooperation.

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