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Colombia: Risk update (8 March 2022)


ACAPS identified five risks to the humanitarian context and published an overview report in November 2021 looking at the following six months. After monitoring each risk and reviewing any relevant developments, we were able to update the risk outlook creating the basis for this risk update.

  • Risk 1: Significant changes in territorial control trigger an escalation in conflict resulting in increased humanitarian needs.

  • Risk 2: Escalating conflict leads to a significant deterioration of humanitarian access to the affected populations.

  • Risk 3: During the six months leading up to the 2022 elections violence against political and social leaders increases and new protests emerge, with humanitarian consequences.

  • Risk 4: The strengthening of armed groups in Venezuela and the increase of armed confrontations in the border corridors between Colombia and Venezuela result in displacements towards Colombia.

  • Risk 5: Political instability, insecurity, and humanitarian needs in Haiti lead to more arrivals of Haitian migrants and refugees in Colombia, where they are affected by the conflict.