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Colombia Operational Update, August 2021

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Colombia’s migration authority reported 1,222,009 pre-registrations for the Temporary Protection Status by 31 August, while the in-person biometric phase is scheduled as of 1 September.

The Integral Migration Policy Law was signed by President Duque on 4 August in Leticia (Amazonas) during a ceremony with the participation of the UNHCR Representative.

The “Primero la Niñez” initiative which aims to end statelessness for children was extended for two more years through Resolution 8617/21 benefiting more than 63,186 children as of 12 August.

Operational Context

As of 28 August, Colombia’s migration authorities report 1,222,009 pre-registrations into the Single Registry for Venezuelan Migrants (RUMV in Spanish) out of which 1,125,952 (92%) with a finalized characterization exercise. A total of 1,003,682 Venezuelans (82% of those who pre-registered) are already scheduled for in-person biometric registration begun on 1 September.

On August 4, the Integral Migration Policy Law was signed by Colombian President Duque during a ceremony organized in the department of Leticia (Amazonas) with the participation of the UNHCR Representative. UNHCR had successfully advocated for the inclusion of the definition of a refugee, the approval of the salvoconducto as an accepted identification document during the refugee status determination process and a series of measures for combating statelessness. The Migration Law also includes specific policies aimed at the socio-economic reintegration of the Colombian returnees.

On 19 of August, the Government of Colombia issued Resolution 8617/ 2021 through which the validity of "Primero la Niñez" is extended for two more years. UNHCR has been supporting the design and the implementation of this initiative which prevents statelessness and grants Colombian nationality to children born in Colombia to Venezuelan parents since 2019. As of 12 August, 63,183 children have benefited from this measure.

Within the framework of the GIFMM Support Plan for the implementation of the Temporary Protection Status for Venezuelans, UNHCR continues to carry out its Action Plan in Support of the Implementation of the Temporay Protection Status, an extraordinary initative complementary to the international protection comprised of 3 stages: a) online pre-registration; b) individual in-person biometric registration; and c) documentation (Temporary Protection Permit) with some of the key advances outlined below.