Colombia: OCHA Humanitarian Situation Report No. 35, 25 Oct - 07 Nov 2008


Humanitarian situation

(21-10-08) Mass-displacement in Antioquia

On October 21, peasant communities of Cañón Verde (rural Tarazá) began displacing to the urban sits of town, due to clashes between the armed forces and FARC's 18th front

Combats triggered by the manual coca eradication programme in the area, a rising number of landmines, and the use of civilian homes and schools as refuge by the police, caused altogether the mass-displacement of 40 families (113 persons) to the urban sits of Tarazá. IDPs have reported their concern on the inadequate behaviour of the police with respect to civilian communities.

Among the displaced, there are 18 children under age 5, 43 children between ages 6 and 18 and 52 elderly persons. The group is currently sheltered at the municipal school and their main needs at this moment are food and mattresses.

The local government provided shelter and food for the population, while the local IDP's attention committee is evaluating the situation.

There is presence of the Ombudsman's Office, ICBF's mobile unit, and the Disasters' Prevention and Attention Departmental Office (DAPARD) supported by UNHCR.

(26-10-08) Mass-displacement in Buenaventura

Military presence near the school of the riverside village of Bella Vista, caused the displacement of 12 families towards the Auca village

These families found shelter at the municipal community centre. Although they have provided for their own food so far, it is feared that groceries will begin to scarce. The community's ombudsperson requested the Army to retrieve from the area in light of the community's fear that military presence could trigger attacks from illegal groups.

The community declared they will only return once security conditions are guaranteed. Solidarity International and OCHA are monitoring the situation and accompanying the affected population.


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