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Colombia National Platform: RMRP 2021 End-Year Report



According to official Government statistics, more than 1.84 million Venezuelans resided in Colombia as of December2021. The announcement of the 10-year Temporary Protection Statute (TPS) for Venezuelans represented a significant step to promote refugees and migrants’ protection, access to essential services and rights, and effective socioeconomic integration in the country. This opportunity also required operational adjustments by R4V partners to ensure support for access to the regularization process for eligible Venezuelans.

Beginning in March, violence in Apure State in Venezuela led to an outflow of some 6,000 refugees and migrants to Arauca in Colombia. While a majority eventually returned, the border area remained unstable, with continued displacement dynamics.

Despite the gradual reopening of the Colombian border later in the year, most Venezuelans crossed the border irregularly in 2021.

Progress in the National COVID-19 Vaccination Plan, including access to vaccination for Venezuelans, and the easing of lockdown measures, contributed to the reactivation of the economy. Nevertheless, refugees, migrants and host communities continued to face constraints to access basic services and income, resulting in persistent intersectoral needs: according to a Joint Needs Assessment (JNA) carried out in June, 24% of Venezuelan households interviewed were food insecure, 25% consumed poor quality water, 36% were overcrowded, and 31% were at risk of eviction, while 25% of children were not attending schools.