Colombia – Landslide cause emergency in Salgar (Antioquia) Flash Update No. 1 (18/05/2015)


Colombia- Landslide cause emergency in Salgar (Antioquia)

At least 48 people have died due to a landslide in the municipality of Salgar (Antioquia), northern Colombia.

On 18 May, heavy rains caused the overflowing of the river Liborina, triggering a landslide that damaged the houses of about 32 families.

At the time of this report, 48 people have died, 27 are injured and an undetermined number are missing. The death toll is expected to rise in the coming hours while search and rescue is carried out. The injured are being transferred to Medellín –departmental capital.

The emergency affects La Margarita (rural settlement) and two urban neighborhoods. It is estimated that 250 families live in these areas; their situation has not been assessed yet.

The landslide caused destruction of houses and bridges, according to the National Disasters Unit (UNGRD). Water and sanitation services are suspended, affecting about 18,000 people.
To avoid shortages of water, a tanker truck will be deployed in the coming hours.

Given the magnitude of the emergency, the municipality declared a state of public calamity.
The President of Colombia, the department´s Governor and the UNGRD Director visited the disaster area. The Crisis Room and the Unified Command Post were activated to coordinate response actions. The national Government -through the UNGRD- ensures continuity of search and rescue and humanitarian response tasks. Relief agencies at the municipal, departmental and national level are monitoring 40 kilometers of the affected area, carrying out Damage Assessment and Needs Analysis (DANA), and assisting the affected populations. The Colombian Red Cross has deployed relief teams, health care and psychosocial support. The Colombian Air Force (FAC) is transporting humanitarian aid and rescue teams to the disaster area. Water and sanitation recovery activities have started, heavy machinery is now available.

According to information provided by the DAPARD (Departmental Disaster Response Unit), national response has been activated in an effective and timely fashion. Currently, national and local authorities are covering the logistic and assistance needs. Antioquia Local Humanitarian Team (LHT) will continue monitoring the situation and will follow up on the damage assessment results. If necessary, the LHT will support on-site assessment and response actions.

48 casualties

27 injured

250 aprox. families affected

18,000 People with no access to water


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