Colombia: International Response Plan to complement the response of the national disaster prevention and assistance system for those persons affected by the second rainy season

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The United Nations and international NGOs present a Response Plan for US$33.7 million for five regions of Colombia, to complement the response by the National Disaster Prevention and Assistance System.

(Bogotá, Colombia. 17 December 2008). As part of a flood response, the United Nations System and International NGOs presented the Flood Response Plan - Colombia 2008, led by the Humanitarian Coordinator of the United Nations in Colombia, Bruno Moro.

The Plan requests a total of US$33.7 million to implement humanitarian response and recovery for approximately 500,000 people in 5 priority zones: Magdalena and Chocó departments, the regions of Magdalena Medio and La Mojana, and the area of influence of the Nevado del Huila volcano.

Following an official communiqué from the Government of Colombia requesting the support of the international community, the UNS immediately mobilized US$1.2 million in resources. Currently, with the goal of mobilizing additional funding in an orderly and coordinated manner, UNETE (United Nations Emergency Technical Team) prepared the Flood Response Plan - Colombia 2008, with the participation of UNS Agencies and International NGOs in Colombia, as well as the Directorate for Disaster Prevention and Assistance (DPAD). To prepare the plan, these organizations conducted 8 interinstitutional missions to the affected zones in order to conduct a rapid needs assessment.

The Plan has two phases: an immediate response phase running from 0 to 6 months, and a second recovery phase, from 6 to 18 months. The Plan includes humanitarian actions in 11 sectors: Shelter, Water and Sanitation, Health, Education, Agriculture, Emergency Telecommunications, Coordination / Institutional Support, Early Recovery, Economic-Production and Protection.

Funds to implement the Plan will be channeled via UNS agencies and implemented in coordination with partners in the field and with the competent authorities. In the first several months of 2009, there will be a review of the Plan in order to make necessary adjustments in accord with changing conditions.

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Bruno Moro. Humanitarian Coordinator of the United Nations System in Colombia. Amparo Díaz - Public Information Officer. Tel 4889000 // María José Torres. Head of Office - Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs - OCHA. Héctor Latorre. Information Officer - OCHA. Tel 6221100 ext. 105, Cel. 3112236245.