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Colombia: Information and Orientation Centers (PAO) Factsheet, 2019-2022 (1st trimester 2022)


43 PAOs (3 mobiles) with activities in 19 departments and 32 municipalities

87.160 individuals registered through receptions (27.617 receptions) between 2019 – 2021

17.131 individual records (6.422 group registrations) have been completed between 2019 - 2021

The Information and Orientation Centers (Puntos de Atención y Orientación in Spanish) are a UNHCR initiative developed since 2017 and currently implemented in 19 departments.

The PAOs are physical spaces where the population we serve can access reliable and secure information and develop the capacity to make informed decisions regarding access to rights, protection routes and services available in the territory. This way, refugees and migrants, internally displaced persons, returnees, and any person in need of protection can ask questions and find answers.

Persons assisted by the PAOs are registered in UNHCR’s case registration and management system (PRIMES), which allows the collection, maintenance and analysis of data and information on each personas assisted, since the first contact to the achievement of durable solutions. The protection response is adjusted according to the Specific Protection Needs (SPN) and main trends identified. Following the identification of the NEP, referral is made to specialized services to ensure an appropriate specialized response.