Colombia: Floods; DREF Operation Final Report (MDRCO007)

Situation Report
Originally published


Summary: 68,288 Swiss francs were allocated from the IFRC's Disaster Relief Emergency Fund (DREF) on 16 August 2010 to support the Colombian Red Cross Society (CRCS) in delivering assistance to 2,500 people from La Mojana area.

The weather phenomenon of La Niña has severely affected the rain pattern in Colombia in the year 2010. La Niña brought continuous floods, electric storms, landslides, gales and hail from March to December 2010, without the normal dry months of July and August. In result, the communities and soil did not have the oportunity to recover, and there has been an ongoing need for assistance. As of December 2010 there were some 1,614,676 people affected.

The DREF funds allowed the CRCS to distribute food and non-food items to 500 families, as well as 311,000 litres of safe water that was distributed to 51,800 families. All activities were successfully carried out, and this report is final in terms of narrative and financials. The operation is now closed, with a final balance of 16,818 Swiss francs unspent and returned to DREF.

The major donors to the DREF are the Irish, Italian, Netherlands and Norwegian governments and ECHO. Details of all donors can be found on