Colombia – Floods (DG ECHO, ACAPS, local media) (ECHO Daily Flash of 15 September 2021)

  • On 27 August, a dam overflowed in La Mojana, following atypically heavy rain during the month, resulting in homes and thousands of hectares of crops damaged as well as loss of cattle.
  • Over 180,000 people have been affected in 39 municipalities across the Antioquia, Bolívar, Córdoba and Sucre departments and an estimated 300,000 cattle need to be relocated.
  • Departmental entities have declared the red alert given the magnitude of the event and at least 500,000 people living in La Mojana are at risk of future flooding.
  • On 13 September, humanitarian actors carried out a first Multi-Sector Initial Rapid Assessment. Access to food, shelter, non-food items, WASH and healthcare needs are reported. National authorities are discussing with UN OCHA possibilities of mobilizing international support.