Colombia Floods 2010-2011 Situation Report No. 24

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This report is a product of the UN Humanitarian Situation Room. It covers the period from 31/03/2011 to 06/04/2011. The next report will be issued around 13/04/2010.


• According to UNDP, weaknesses in the delivery of humanitarian aid have been detected, especially regarding information flow, coordination of regional disaster prevention and attention committees (CREPADs) and in processing the national victim register (Registro Único de Damnificados).

• The Food Security and Nutrition Cluster reports that a large part of communities has had access to some sort of aid, but gaps persist in attending to the most distant communities and/or communities with restricted road access.

• Meteorological authorities announce of increasing rains for the next days, including the possibility of more electric storms than usual.

• The new director of the GoC's Risk Management Division, Carlos Iván Márquez Pérez, requested that the local and regional disaster prevention and attention committees (CLOPADs and CREPADs) activate their emergency and contingency plans due to the start of the first rainy season of this year.

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