Colombia: Flood Response Plan Update 12 Jan 2009


In addition, INGEOMINAS maintains an Orange Alert (eruption likely in a matter of days or weeks) for Volcán Nevado del Huila (VNH).

Data on the level of affectation due to the rainy season has shown increases, with figures for January 2009 at 1,247,622 affected persons, 76 dead, 100 injured, 2,355 destroyed homes and 94,571 flooded homes. In all of 2008, there were 1,636,513 affected persons, which surpasses any figures for the past 10 years, with flooding being the principal event causing affectation1.

DPAD reported that for 2008 there was a public calamity declared for 100 municipalities (88 due to the rainy season), and that this connects to the 2007 disaster situation which had been declared for Córdoba department and several municipalities in La Mojana region.

IDEAM, for its part, has raised an alert due to potential droughts, water rationing, frosts and forest fires, due to the start of the dry season. SNPAD is preparing contingency plans.


Humanitarian assistance continues in areas affected by flooding, with descending flood waters. According to a communique from CONPES, the Government of Colombia spent as part of its response, preparations and recovery a total of COP$379 billion (approx US$180 million) in 2008. For 2009, it reassigned existing funding totaling COP$810 billion (approx US$400 million) to be implemented in affected regions for recovery, infrastructure, housing, education, water and sanitation and economic recovery.


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