Colombia: Eruptions of Galeras Volcano Situation Report No 1



- On 13 March, National authorities declared red alert (level I) after the eruption of the Galeras volcano (Nariño department, southern Colombia).

- On 14 March, the alert changed to orange (Level II) due to an important reduction of the seismic activity.

- No affectation has been registered so far; however, the emergency and contingency plans remain active.

II. Situation Overview

Two eruptions were registered in the Galeras volcano on 13 March at 15:55 and 17:00, according to the Colombian Institute of Geology and Mining Industry (Ingeominas). Consequently, a red alert (Level I) was declared and all the emergency and contingency plans were activated.

According to the relief organisations in the area, fall of ashes has been reported in the municipalities of Florida, Nariño and Sandoná and in the city of Pasto (capital of Nariño department). Since the eruption was of an explosive kind, a shockwave was registered in the municipality of Consacá.

An evacuation order was issued on 13 March by the local authorities of Pasto, Nariño and Florida where 9 shelters had been installed and equipped to cope with the emergency. According to local sources, local communities did not comply with the evacuation order.

No victims or material damages have been reported so far; however, the evacuation order is maintained and the educational activities have been suspended.

On 14 March, Ingeominas changed the alert to orange (Level II) due to an important reduction in the seismic activity of the volcano.


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