Colombia: Confinements - January 2022


In January there have been 10 confinements events affecting more than 35,096 people (8,179 families) confined. Theses statistics show an increase of 476% of people confined compared to 2021. The events took place in the departments of Chocó (8), Arauca (1) and Valle del Cauca (1). The reasons are: confrontations between ilegal armed actors, the presence of anti-personel mines and unexploded ordnance (APM/UXO), threats and harassment of the population. The majority of the affected population was indigenous.

The relevance of the situations in Chocó and Arauca is highlighted. The eight events reported in Chocó affected ethnic communities in the basins of of the Atrato (Bojayá) Baudó (Alto and Bajo Baudó), San Juan (Medio San Juan) and the coast zone (Nuquí). These are the effects of armed confrontations between the Ejercito de Liberación Nacional (ELN) and the Autodefensas Gaitanistas de Colombia o el Clan del Golfo (AGC), which involve not only the effects of armed confrontations, but also control actions and the presence of APM/UXO. In Arauca more than 1,800 people are affected by confinements and they can not developed their daily tasks like obtaining food and resources; and several of their leaders have been threatened by the Illegal Armed Actores (AAI) who are in control.