Colombia CO: Mocoa Avalanche Humanitarian Situation Report #6, 01 June 2017

Situation Report
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  • Most of the affected population has left shelters.

  • National teachers strike temporarily interrupts schooling for all children.

  • 1770 educational kits distributed in schools.

  • Household filters and hygiene kits distributed to families and schools, with user training provided.

  • Psychosocial support actions begin in schools.

Situation Overview & Humanitarian Needs

A full two months have passed since the flood disaster washed through urban Mocoa in the early hours of 1 April 2017, and some degree of normalcy has returned to the capital of Putumayo Department. The vast majority of those who took refuge in the formal shelters established by the authorities have now returned to their homes or found other lodgings, leaving a few hundred persons in the one mega-shelter, “El Pepino.”

Water services are re-established in parts of the town, but difficulties persist in access and quality. The national teachers strike has interrupted educational activities once again, only a few weeks after the re-initiation of classes following a two week break caused by the initial disaster. Some of the worst conditions remain in the informal shelters which sprang up on the outskirts of Mocoa only days after the event and remain in use.